Thursday, October 28


haahha. This is his official song.

Wednesday, October 27

more cross country stuff

backyard boulder

Wednesday, October 20

muff cabbage


Vt skateboard clan. Huck, Kirk, James, Waker.

some skating from James Haffner on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 14


Check the weather for the next few days. Winter is coming soon.

Wednesday, October 13



Globe United By Fate 6 - The Finale from Noah Lewkow on Vimeo.


tripppppy video

Monday, October 11


tech or what?

Tuesday, October 5


The Battle at the Berrics 3 championship battle. I though PJ Ladd deserved the win.

Guitar Jam

If you got nothing better to do while your sitting there waiting for the snow, check out one of my many guitar jams i record every day.

Sit back and kick it to this if you are stoned.

Sunday, October 3


while most people can only speak in one accent, or mimic accents when their drunk. this kid is a legend, and shows what its like to speak 24 different english accents. His american personations are spot on. watch this hilarious video.