Sunday, February 28

The Science Behind Nuggets

This movie is educational, it shows you the truth behind government lies and what goes behind that joint you blaze. So sit down get some snacks and watch this video. If you smoke Cigs i guarantee that after this movie you wont.

Saturday, February 27


SKIERZZZZ by faggot productions

Friday, February 26

Eero Ettala

Gold from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

This is his winning run at x-games

Tuesday, February 23


Sunday, February 21

funnerds update

this is from awhile ago actually. was about to delete most of the footage and figured might as well make an edit with it first.. here it is

Friday, February 19

Deegz Squad

check ittt

Thursday, February 18




as much bang as bosh

The Stu In

This is the veiw on top of the Stu in, the entrance to Kybers
LOST IN THE WOODS...coming out soon

Wednesday, February 17


the only reason he won was because it was in his DNA

Moon Boots?

go team usa!

Monday, February 15

Tuesday, February 9


the usa olympic snowboard girls.........HAHHAHA


keeping it real on the nitro park

Thursday, February 4


this is a new teaser from a film company based out of whistler. check out the last shot. pembertion road gap.

Monday, February 1