Sunday, December 12

Documentary: Skate

this is another skate documentary. it's also really well-done, but it's a more gloomy one.

Documentary: Skate

a pretty tight documentary about the skate scene in Shanghai: the new mecca of street skating.

Shanghai 5 from Charles Lanceplaine on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 28


MJ showing Lebron whats up.

Thursday, November 25


Mark Sollors.

This is his last year video part, since burton will not release the embed

Wednesday, November 24


This might b the future of edits. Let the video load them when watching it drag around with you mouse.

Kitten Pots

Kitten Pots is a new company in the making. It will be selling many smoking accessories, along with ceramic bongs and pipes made by myself, and glass pipes and bongs made by India Stephenson. Here are a few random bongs from this week so far.

Also in stores now, Oran Pearce pottery, so if you are ever in europe check out my stuff.

Saturday, November 20

Skate (must watch!)

Since 2007 in Nike's "Nothing But The Truth", Paul Rodriguez hasn't had part. Last week, he uploaded his new Plan B part called "Me, Myself and I". You can only download it on itunes, but it's only 2.99. You can try looking online, but past attempts have been taken down pretty quickly. This will be the most mindblowing part you will ever watch.

Here is the itunes download link:

Friday, November 19


forest and parker. couple of years ago at bear

Tuesday, November 16

MOTD 11/16/10


Frontline Rail Jam 2010. Official Video

Frontline Railjam 2010 Official Video [Blind Spot Visuals] from Blind Spot Visuals on Vimeo.

Monday, November 15


Another edit from Austria. James killing it. Kirk boardslide through the kink wit it.

Austria contest day from James Haffner on Vimeo.


I doubt anyone else can do this. Tre bomb a picnic bench is nuts


Funnerds profile: Kyle Dorfman man-am slaying it this year early season.


FOOD: Cheese
DRINK: Soda Pop
CANDY: Sour Patch (Water melon)
PRO SKATER: Mikey Taylor

What do you think about Gnarcore? I want to blow them

Pow or Slush: POW&SLUSH

Tits or Ass: ASS

Poop or Pee: Pee

Cat or Dog: CatDog

Hrd way front 1 or hrd way back 1: Hrd way back 1

Rail or Box: Depends on the day. I LOVE RAIL

Sunday, November 14


Happy Birthday Ceasr! Straight from France. He just turned 16. Cesar came over to the USA for a bit realized his home mountain was way sicker and is now killing it in france. Hopefully he come to the USA to shred with his homies again. Riding for. NITRO WESC ELECTRIC

Austira UPDATE

Hunty and James made finals. James got 16th in what looks like a heavy top 20.
Photo: James Haffner taken by Ian Kirk?


The full Rogla Movie. Marc Grilc jumping over sleds.

Saturday, November 13


Another great movie from this year. Euro Gap's 3rd film "Euro Gap". Click to view.


Isenseven's new movie "Dont Panic" is a banger.

Friday, November 12


Funnerds and 36D shredding Mount Snow, Vermont. Filmed/Edited by Connor Callen.


Commotion the movie. Filmed by Nick. Sort of a new Get Nasty.

Commotion- The Movie from Commotion on Vimeo.


Most people that haven't been to Ireland, think its all just rain rain rain here. Well that is half true, but i thought i would put up some of my photography from what i have been getting up to around here recently, show you guys what Irelands all about..
(All pictures i post are of no relation to anyone else)

Thursday, November 11


Here is a mixtape everyone should download

Wednesday, November 10


James, Bosh, Hunty and Kirk ripping up Europe. They are there for the Pleasure Jam. THC crew killing it as always. Highlights are Jame's 3 flip and front board through the Kink. Bosh varial flip! and Hunty picking his nose. These doods are going to kill the contest. Watch out for more edits from them.

austria day 1 from James Haffner on Vimeo.


Mark Appleyard is the man! this is a legit commander


Someone just showed me this video. Think what you want of it but its a pretty cool idea. It seems a little intense but whatever

MOTD 11/09/10

Get Hyped

Stuff to watch to get ready for the season.

JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse Recut from YES. Snowboard TV on Vimeo.

Romain De Marchi Recut from YES. Snowboard TV on Vimeo.

DCP Recut from YES. Snowboard TV on Vimeo.

Stop Time with the Helgasons from Playboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Best_SlopeStyle_Torstein_Horgmo from Nickill on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 28


haahha. This is his official song.

Wednesday, October 27

more cross country stuff

backyard boulder

Wednesday, October 20

muff cabbage


Vt skateboard clan. Huck, Kirk, James, Waker.

some skating from James Haffner on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 14


Check the weather for the next few days. Winter is coming soon.

Wednesday, October 13



Globe United By Fate 6 - The Finale from Noah Lewkow on Vimeo.


tripppppy video

Monday, October 11


tech or what?

Tuesday, October 5


The Battle at the Berrics 3 championship battle. I though PJ Ladd deserved the win.

Guitar Jam

If you got nothing better to do while your sitting there waiting for the snow, check out one of my many guitar jams i record every day.

Sit back and kick it to this if you are stoned.

Sunday, October 3


while most people can only speak in one accent, or mimic accents when their drunk. this kid is a legend, and shows what its like to speak 24 different english accents. His american personations are spot on. watch this hilarious video.

Thursday, September 30


Straight out of whistler, whole video filmed in whistler. Loggers lake. Alta Lake. Backcountry

josh stack promo 2010 from peter bailey on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 29

funny shit


Lizard King talking shit on Shaun White.

Lizard on Snow from updown magazine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 28


vote for Dale. Every edit he releases is a banger. Reppin Weston.


Randall Stacy getting buried in Tina. This video is pretty crazy. Dolf is the man. Funnerds


Funnerds. Eric shredding in Whistler COC. Some shots from The Ante Up. Bosh is killing it

Monday, September 27

MOTD 9/27/10

Sunday, September 26


Vermont Skateboards took a trip all the way north up to Burlington. Here is a edit of their trip.


RUSKO - shown wearing the Sexy Jesus t-shirt. courtesy of Jesse Hudson

sexy jesus in a online global collective and the website will be launching soon. check the Facebook page for updates CLICK HERE

TGIF quick edit

Saturday, September 25


Tuesday, September 21


An interview with E-Man Anderson. Straight out of Whistler B.C. King of the Black Park. The OG.

MOTD 9/21/10

Feel like your in the jungle


A video from Barcelona. If you don't want to watch the whole video skip to the last part. count how many heelflip variation he does. Watch the whole thing. its rad.

AlaiKids 2010 from mayday distribution on Vimeo.

Monday, September 20


A full movie, filmed at Bear Mountain. It is basically all the sunday in the parks together in one long video. PAINT IT RED

Sunday, September 19


I was watching the most recent Battle of the Berrics 3 update: Mike Mo versus Torey Pudwill, and my jaws dropped. Not for the tricks they landed, but how the two of them seemed to have identical style. For the most part, they stomp the same tricks and wobble on the same tricks too.

definitely the most epic game on BATB 3 so far.


Tornado in Brooklyn last thursday.

Friday, September 17


So I went to the premier for Absinthe Film's new video, Nowhere, last night at Boston. The movie was mostly packed with sick backcountry shots and lines, with a couple serious street bangers. When/If you get a chance, make sure you watch it because the line up is stacked. Watch out for Cole Zima and Dan Brisse's part, oh and Bjorn's crash at Chad's Gap. Dan Brisse is unreal, this guy can do anything.

Wednesday, September 15

Bastien Salabanzi

He deserves his own title. Bastien Salabanzi is one dof the greatest skaters. This proves his comeback is real and hes going to take over. After being kicked off Flip he got married had two kids, and just now began to skate professionally once more.........

Game of Shred

not like it's the longest game or everything....count how many different tricks they did

Tuesday, September 14


New technology. This stuff is pretty interesting. All you need is a I-PAD

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.


An old funnerds video. Edited by Erik Roomet

Monday, September 13

MOTD 9/13/10

Sunday, September 12


Winter is coming! here is a little video of myself and Tierney 2 days Last year at Carinthia


If you bored check out These guys have been surfing along the Cali coast and have now purchased a car and are driving down to Nicaragua in search of some waves. Check it out.

Hong Kong

A time-laps of Hong Kong.

Little Big City - Hong Kong Tilt Shift from Fershad Irani on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 11

My Life Is Bro

This is a dope website.

Make some new quotes with your homnies on facebook.

Friday, September 10


Whos is better?

Thursday, September 9


A Classic


Dylan Reider has got skill on a skateboard.

Full Part from Gravis

He knows how to Tre!

Wednesday, September 8

Face Shot

The best thing about this video is what the event announcer says to the lady.

Tuesday, September 7

MOTD 9/7/10

Monday, September 6

Tramp Steez

What to do in New England during the surf.......TRAMP
Nick getting wild on the tramp...check the dub and the misty 12 boooya

Wererererere Back!

Alright! So after a longggggg longggg summer break we are back. Funnerds is up and running and will be all year. Posting next level shit.

Here is a few Videos from Connor Callen a talented filmer out of Compton, Jamacia. also contributed to the filming was Kyle Dorfman

Sunday, July 25

summer tunes

Monday, July 19


funnerds has taken a hiatus. its mid summer, and everything is going slow. hopefully this will brighten your day, especially for the kids on the flat east coast. california is about to be hit by a epic swell, so get your boards out and head to the beach.


are your toes curling?

Saturday, July 17

100 degrees

get outside. drink up.